Fruit Picking in Brentwood, CA


If you live in the Bay Area, then you know it’s fruit picking season now! There are a lot of places for fruit picking throughout the bay area for different types of fruits. My favorite place is Brentwood because it’s located in the East Bay where I live. Usually the first fruit available for picking is strawberries, so that’s where we took the kids to. This is the first time both kids were able to participate in fruit-picking, especially my younger one who is CRAZYYYYY about strawberries. He basically had a strawberry buffet at the farm and there was no way to stop him!





The best place to find information on all the u-pick farms in Brentwood is through Harvest Time in Brentwood. Although the website has a lot of information on individual farms, I found its Facebook page more useful and informative. The Facebook page provides updates to current in-season crops, as well as the status of the farms, such as when they are open for picking, what crops are available, and whether a farm is out of fruits for picking. I get all of my harvest updates through the Facebook page.

If you’re trying to plan ahead for a particular fruit or vegetable, try this website, which seems to have pretty good information on harvest schedule in northern California (and other parts of the world as well).

Are you planning to go fruit-picking during this harvest season? What is your favorite farm?

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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