Baby Shower Gift Guide

baby shower gift basket title.jpg

Recently a lot of my friends are getting pregnant as first-time parents.  I am so happy for them, and instead of giving gift cards or buying things off their registry or buying more clothes that the baby would outgrow in a month, I opted to put together a package of mostly handmade items.

This is a baby boy gift basket but it also works as an unconventional baby girl gift, because not who says girls have to wear pink, right?

gift guide numbered

|ONE| Lamb Bonnet (pattern & instruction via Purl Soho)

|TWO|Fabric Bin (instruction here but with a smaller size)

|THREE| Chill Teethers (via Babies R Us)

|FOUR| Photo Frame (something similar via Babies R Us)

|FIVE| Infant Sleeping Bag (purchase here)

|SIX| Burp Cloth / Blinkie

|SEVEN| Pacifier Clips (instruction here)

|EIGHT| Ombre-dyed Muslin Swaddle Blanket (instruction here)

If you handmade any gift items, remember to attach a simple caring instruction for a more personal touch.  When you put everything together, it makes a great gift basket!

baby shower gift basket

Photos taken by Vean Chen except Babies R Us products


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