Ombre Dyed Swaddle Blanket


During the summer when the temperature in the house can get pretty warm, I used the muslin blanket to swaddle my baby.  I like that it is very versatile.  I’ve used it as a breastfeeding cover, and a stroller cover when it’s too windy or when the sun is too bright outside.  Although it’s commonly called a muslin blanket, thanks to aden + anais, it is actually made of a 100% cotton fabric called gauze.  For my first born, I purchased these colored gauze from and sewed the edges for a more finished look.  Although I like how light-weight and breathable the fabric is, I didn’t like that it was really stretchy.  So when my friends are getting pregnant, I wanted to make them a muslin blanket with a less stretchy fabric.  I found these to be perfect.  I’ve also always wanted to try the ombre dye for a more unique look, so it was a great opportunity for me to play around with ombre dyeing.



  1. First, use safety pins to pin along the edges that are 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of the length down the sides.  This is to help divide the blanket into 4 equal sections more accurately.
  2. Mix 1/6 of the bottle of Rit Liquid Dye (approximately 40ml) in 1 gallon of water.
  3. Heat water until it starts to simmer but not boiling.  Add 1/3 cup of salt and stir to mix.
  4. Prepare fabric for dyeing by wetting the fabric in warm water, then squeeze out excess water.
  5. Leave the top 1/4 of the fabric out of the dye bath.  Dip the rest of the fabric into the dye bath for 10 seconds.  Note:  Make sure the water is still simmering and constantly stir the fabric around to create even dyeing.
  6. Take out another 1/4 of the fabric and keep the rest in the dye bath for 2 minutes.  Note:  So now only 1/2 of the fabric is submerged in the dye bath.  Make sure the dyed fabric is not touching the top 1/4 undyed portion.
  7. Take out another 1/4 of the fabric and keep the bottom 1/4 of the fabric in the dye bath for another 15-20 minutes.


  1. Take out the blanket carefully and run through under warm water and gradually to cooler water until water runs clear.
  2. Run the swaddle blanket in the washer in cold water with an old towel or like color clothes, then run it in the dryer to dry thoroughly.


  1. Iron the swaddle blanket to get rid of most of the wrinkles.
  2. Hem all edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  I did mitered corners following this instruction.


Look how beautiful this is!  I think it turned out great, and it’s a huge blanket which I absolutely love!  Because trust me, at some point, you will hate all those store brought swaddle blankets because they are too small to wrap around your baby, who is growing bigger and stronger everyday.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!  Show me pictures of the finished products if you attempted this.

Photos taken by Vean Chen and Steve Chou


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