1st Birthday Party


As I promised in my last post, I am (finally) posting photos of my son’s first birthday party, which happened…oh…about 9 months ago.  Let’s just pretend it happened last weekend and move on, ok?

I did a lot of DIY, which I may not be showing step-by-step instructions, but I’ll share more details in a future post.

My son has a wooden activity cube that he started showing interest in before he turned one.  He would walk around the cube while holding onto it to steady himself and move the wooden cars from one side to the other.  So for his first birthday theme, I chose to focus on the activity cube and the wooden cars.


I created his invitation using Microsoft Word.  I added in the images of the wooden cars around the top and bottom borders.  For that, I simple took photos of the wooden cars and used the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop to extract the image.

Microsoft Word - Andes 1st Birthday Invitation

I sent my electronic invitation via Pingg.com.  I chose Pingg instead of the more common Evite because it allowed me to upload a custom invitation for free (whereas Evite requires an upgrade to do that).  After all, I did spend a lot of time creating the invitation and I actually wanted people to see it!

I made a wooden car pinata following the instruction from Oh Happy Days.  It was a lot more work than I anticipated but luckily it’s pretty easy to do.  One thing I learned was that using adhesive spray was a bad idea (long drying time and not sticky enough when dried that the crepe paper was falling apart).


And the cake! It was done to look like the activity cube and Kitty did such a great job on it!


We held the party from 1:30pm to 3:30pm hoping that my son would take his usual morning nap and then be in a good mood during the party, but of course with all the preparations going on, he did not take his morning nap, which means he was a grumpy baby during the party.

Since the party was held after lunch, I only served hors d’oeuvre and snacks, which was pretty easy.  We baked some pigs in the blankets and mini samosas that we got from Costco.  We also got some gourmet popcorn from Cornology and made some custom popcorn bags.


Kitty made three types of macarons for the dessert table.  Since the dessert table was right at the entrance, I did a couple DIY decor to dress it up.  I created the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner using colored cardstock papers.


Every month since my son was born, I took a photo of him sitting on the purple armchair, and every week i also take pictures of him to document his growth.  So for the photo boards that you can see from the picture above, I printed out a bunch of photos and taped them onto two foam boards.  I love this DIY the most because I now have a stack of printed photos for scrapbooking!

Because some of our friends have kids and they may get bored of the party, I prepared some coloring books and crayons so they can be kept occupied.  All the images from the coloring book came from the Crayon website.


I made him a birthday hat out of cardstock paper and red ribbon.  And to make the occasion even more memorable, I decided to sew him an outfit for his birthday!  It was hard work, and I don’t think I will ever do it again, but the shirt came out looking so nice!  His pant didn’t fit too well though.  The bow tie was super easy and that is probably something I don’t mind making more of.


And because he was so grumpy from skipping his morning nap, he was not interested in his smash cake at all, but we served it to him again the next evening and he smashed it like a champ!


Thanks for taking the time to read this long post!  Now I am ready to plan his second birthday, but with baby #2 arriving just a month before the birthday, I already know it will be a family-only small party.

Photos taken by Vean Chen, Steve Chou and Yvonne Chow


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