48 Hours in Hong Kong

48 Hours in Hong KongSo I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago to attend my best friend’s wedding.  (Remember these cards that I made?  One is for my just-married best friend!)  That’s after 16 hours of flight going there, and 22 hours of flight + delay coming back.  Crazy.  I know.  But I promised her long, long time ago I would attend her wedding, and I’d like to keep my promise.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to do much sightseeing (not that I really cared, I did grow up in Hong Kong after all), so I arranged to meet up with a few friends I hadn’t seen for awhile instead, and eating the awesome foods Hong Kong has to offer.  While this is not a travel guide in any sort of way, I hope it gives you an idea of how much you can do (or eat) in 48 hours.

I flew into Hong Kong around 6pm.  I was staying at The Mira located in Tsim Sha Tsui.  The hotel provided free airport pick up, so I didn’t even need to worry about how to get from the airport to the hotel.  I arrived at the hotel around 7pm (it was traffic hour so the commute took a bit longer than usual).  The Mira is located within the Miramall Shopping Centre and a few blocks away from The One, so there are a lot of shopping choices around.  But the best part is the hotel itself.  I mean, look at this!

48 Hours in Hong Kong

48 Hours in Hong Kong

48 Hours in Hong Kong

Bath tub?  Check.  Stylish and modern design?  Check.  Comfortable bed?  Check.  Wifi and a cell phone for you to use?  Check!  It’s pretty awesome!  Ok, I did kind of get lost in the dark hallway with all the mirrors.

The first night after I arrived, I went out at 9pm looking for dinner, which wasn’t hard at all because all the places were still open.  I went to a cafe and ordered fish ball with flat rice noodle (魚旦粉).  It’s so simple and so good!

48 Hours in Hong Kong

The next morning I headed downstairs to the restaurant Yamm for complimentary breakfast buffet.  Yes, my hotel package includes breakfast buffet!  There were so many choices: traditional Chinese breakfast (congee, fried rice), American breakfast (scrambled egg, sausage, mini burgers), salad, pastries, fruits, juices & smoothies, and much more.  I had to resist the urge to keep refilling my plate because I was going to dim sum in a couple hours!

48 Hours in Hong Kong

I met up with my college roommate for lunch, with her husband (whom I also knew from college) and their daughter.  For lunch we had dim sum at House of Jasmine (八月居), which is about 10 minutes walk away, located within Harbour City (海港城), another shopping destination.  House of Jasmine gets filled up really fast, and since we couldn’t get a reservation, we went early before the crowd and got a table without having to wait.

48 Hours in Hong Kong

That night was the wedding night.  I accidentally overslept on my nap (yes, the jet lag) but luckily didn’t miss the ceremony.  It helped that the wedding took place in the banquet room inside the hotel so I didn’t have to walk far.

The next day I took advantage of the complimentary breakfast again, and like the day before, I had to resist getting a 3rd plate because I was eating again in a couple hours.

I wanted to have Cha Chan Tang (茶餐廳) at least once, so after my friend met me up at the hotel, we walked along Nathan Rd. to Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳).  We ordered Crispy Bun Served w/ Sweet Condensed Milk (脆嘩奶油豬), because apparently, that’s what they’re famous for.  It’s like what the name says, a toasted bun topped with a lot of butter and condensed milk.  The condensed milk was dripping everywhere and it was really good, and probably very unhealthy too!  But who cares, I was on vacation!

The day before when I was walking along Nathan Rd. toward House of Jasmine, I passed by a narrow street with a bunch of people lining up along the whole block.  I didn’t check to see what it was, but saw people holding up signs of Jenny Bakery (珍妮餅屋).  I’ve heard of Jenny Bakery and how their butter cookies are really good.  I love butter cookies but didn’t want to stand in line for an hour for it.

There was a stall next to Tsui Wah Restaurant that was selling Jenny cookies which I can’t tell if they are authentic or not.  I bought a can and wasn’t at all impressed with the cookies so maybe it’s not authentic after all.

48 Hours in Hong Kong

Afterward my friend treated me to a relaxing foot massage while we gossiped and talked about random things.  Awww……..c’est la vie!

48 Hours in Hong Kong

When we were done, my friend dropped me off at Elements (圓方), where I was meeting up with another friend.  We picked Elements because the MTR Kowloon Station is located right in the shopping center, where I could take the Airport Express directly to the airport.  There’s also a luggage check-in counter, so you can check in your luggage, go shopping, and then go straight to the airport.  I didn’t have to check in my luggage, so I went to Left Baggage Service and had it locked up for a couple hours while I hung out with my friend.  Another awesome amenity that Elements offers for moms with babies is the Babies Room, where you can nurse & take care of your little ones in a comfortable, private room.

By the time I arrived at Elements, I was so full from eating non-stop for 2 days, that I couldn’t even go for hi-tea.  Well, maybe next time.  Soon it was time for me to go……

48 Hours in Hong Kong

When I arrived at the airport, I was suddenly feeling hungry.  I grabbed a quick bite at Cafe de Coral (大家樂), a chinese fast food chain since I was a little kid, and it brought back fond childhood memories.  Then of course I still had some HK$ in my pocket and there were still some time, so I went shopping for snacks.

48 Hours in Hong Kong

XO sauce crackers from Kee Wah Bakery (奇華餅家).  Shrimp crackers that I used to eat often when I was a kid, from MUJI (無印良品).

48 Hours in Hong Kong

More snacks from MUJI.  Salted chocolate pie.  Fried rice cracker.

48 Hours in Hong KongOh, and I was coughing so hard during my trip, my friend got these coughing herbal medicines 京都念慈菴川貝枇杷膏 for me in hard candy from 7-11.  I have 京都念慈菴川貝枇杷膏 in syrup form at home, but had never seen it in hard candy, so this is pretty cool.

After spending all my HK$, it was time to head to the gate and broad.  It was such a short trip but I was glad I made this trip and met up with my old friends.  Although by the end, I was missing my son at home very much and couldn’t wait to get back home!

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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