Greeting Cards

DIY Greeting CardMy best friend from primary school is getting married.  Her wedding takes place in Hong Kong, and because of my work situation, I couldn’t afford to take a long trip, so I ended up booking a 4-day trip to Hong Kong.  After subtracting 2 days off for flying, I am left with 2 days of attending the wedding and meeting up with various friends.  It is Steve’s first time alone with the baby, for 4 full days!  Between juggling a part-time job, taking care of the baby (thankfully with helps from my parents!), packing for the trip, and making sure there are plenty of baby foods in the fridge to last those 4 days, I totally forgot to grab a couple greeting cards for my friend who is getting married, and another friend who just had a baby.  I managed to make a couple simple cards with the supplies I have on hand.  I am not good at cardmaking but I really like how these turn out.


  • Card stock paper
  • Corner punch
  • Bone folder
  • Glue
  • Distress ink
  • Foam discs
  • Alphabet stamp set
  • Clip arts
  • Tulle
  • Czech or Swarovski beads
  • Metal wire


Cut out card stock to desired size.  For post card I cut to 5″x7″, and for the greeting card I cut to 10″x7″ and fold in half on the long edge (using the bone folder to score the card first for a clean fold line).  Use a corner punch to round the corners.

DIY Greeting Card

Run the distress ink pad along the side of the card to add some color.

DIY Greeting Card DIY Greeting Card

Find a clipart you like, either print directly on a card stock or glue it onto a card stock, and cut out image.  Use the foam discs to raise the image above the card.  Use the alphabet stamp set to stamp out words or phase.  For the baby card, I cut out a strip of scrapbook paper, distress the edges, and glue it on the postcard directly below where the clip art is.

DIY Greeting CardDIY Greeting Card

For the wedding card, I use the distressed ink pad to add a little bit of color on the bottom of the dress.

DIY Greeting Card

Cut a piece of tulle slightly bigger than the wedding dress (waist down).  Tape down the top of the tulle to the back of the wedding dress.  Cut a second piece of tulle and do the same.  Use a metal wire and string a couple Czech or Swarovski beans, wrap the end of the wire behind the dress and tape it in place.

DIY Greeting Card DIY Greeting Card DIY Greeting Card

There you go!  Super easy and quick, and I got 2 customized cards.  I can’t believe how simple they are to make!

DIY Greeting Card

As a bonus, I used a red card stock and made an envelope for the wedding card.  That’s the reason I made my cards 5″x7″ (folded) so that I can make a custom red envelope to hold the card.

DIY Greeting Card

Photos taken by Vean Chen



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