Pacifier Clip

Pacifier Clip

I just packed up my sewing machine over the weekend, so I promise this is the last sewing project for now.

I needed a few extra pacifier clips to attach the teething toy and other toys to the infant car seat, and since I was meeting up some Mommy friends over the X’mas holiday, I wanted to make some extra as gifts.  So after the crib rail cover and the fabric storage bin, I went ahead and sew up a few pacifier clips.  They were so easy to make I finished all of them in one night!


  • 1 piece fabric (I used 100% cotton)
  • 1 piece interfacing (I used Pellon 808)
  • Matching threads
  • 1 mitten clip (it should be wider than the width of the lanyard so that the fabric can pass through)
  • Polyester or cotton cord (at least 4″ long)


  • Always pre-wash and pre-shrink all fabrics before starting
  • Seam allowance is 1/4″ all around
  • The finishing size of the lanyard is 1″ x 8″ and the clip has a 1″ slot

Step 1:  Cut 1 piece of fabric for the Body to the size of 9 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.

Pacifier Clip Dimension Body

Step 2:  Cut 1 piece of interfacing to the size of 1″ x 8″.

Pacifier Clip Dimension Interfacing

Step 3:  Iron interfacing to the Wrong side of the Body 1/4″ from one of the long edges, and 1/4″ from one of the short edges.

Pacifier Clip

Step 4:  Fold the cord in half and tape to the Right side of the Body on the other side of interfacing, aligning the raw edge of the cord to the short edge of the Body.  Using the placement of the interfacing as a guide, align the cord so it is in the center.

Pacifier Clip

Step 5:  Fold Body in half along the long edge Right side together.  Sew two edges close (see dotted line below).  I found it easier to turn it inside out if I only sew along the green dotted line.

Pacifier Clip

Step 6:  Turn it inside out and edge-stitch the unsewn opening.

Pacifier Clip

Step 7:  Pass the fabric through the slot of the clip and fold in 1″.  Sew along the dotted line shown below.  You can change to a zipper foot for the yellow dotted line shown.  Make sure the bottom side of the clip is on the side where the fabric folds over.

Pacifier Clip

And you’re done!  Super easy, I was able to finish all 8 of these in a couple hours.  The best part is you can customize them however you like, and they look so cute!

Pacifier Clip

Sorry for the photo quality, I was sewing and documenting the process at night so the lighting is really bad.

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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