Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

I’ve never made an advent calendar before.  Growing up in Asia, Christmas for me meant present and fancy Christmas dinner at a good restaurant (I loved the Christmas dinner because it always included a party hat!).  But there was no white Christmas, no chimney for Santa to climb down to, no Christmas carol or over-the-board Christmas decorations.  There was no traditions in my family to anticipate the arrival of Christmas.

Having a baby this year makes me want to create some family traditions to celebrate Christmas every year.  One of the traditions I want to create is an advent calendar.  Starting on the first day of December, there are twenty-four days of little surprises leading up to the day of Christmas.  I can’t wait till my baby grows up and understands what it all means and to see his happy face every day when he opens up a box each day.

To make the advent calendar Christmas tree:

Step 1:  Download the template for the triangle box and the numbers.

Step 2:  Print and cut out 24 box templates.

Advent Calendar

 Step 3:  Score and fold along the lines.

Advent Calendar

Step 4:  Glue the tabs together to form a box.

Advent Calendar

Step 5:  Print out the number template and cut out of the numbers.  Glue the number on the boxes.

Step 6:  Arrange the boxes to form the shape of a Christmas tree and stick them on the wall.

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Happy December!

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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