Broken Mug Planter

Mug Planter

I never realized I love collecting mugs until Steve pointed it out to me.  I always buy a souvenir mug wherever I go.  It’s practical and reminds me of the places I visited.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated a small collection; however, Steve also managed to break a few of my mugs.  I could not toss any of the broken mugs away so they just sit on the bay window in front of the kitchen sink, waiting to be put into good use one day.

Mug Planter

I thought about gluing the handle back on the mug, but wasn’t sure how well it would look.  Since they are just sitting on the bay window in the kitchen, which gets a lot of natural light, I would they would make some great planters.

Mug Planter

Step 1:  Place broken handle pieces in the mug.

Step 2:  Add enough water to cover the broken handle pieces.

Step 3:  Place plant bulb on top of the broken handle pieces.

Step 4:  (Optional) Sand down the sharp edges on the mug.

In the picture above is the end of the fennel that I cut out (see previous post on cooking with fennel).  It took about one week to sprout.  Green onions are also very easy to grow.  What other plants do you suggest for growing in these mugs?

Mug Planter

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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