My Experience with Shooting Star CSA

Shooting Star CSAI recently joined the Shooting Star CSA for weekly delivery of organic vegetables.  The CSA is located in Suisun Valley and the 2014 season runs from May 19 to November 28.  Steve knows that I’ve always been interested in trying out a CSA delivery service, so he purchased the delivery service from this CSA as my birthday gift.  Since there are only 3 weeks left until the end of the 2014 season, it is a great way for us to try out this CSA without committing to a full season.

We picked up our first box last week.  The box included the following:

  • (5) Sweet peppers
  • (1 bunch) Beets
  • (1 bunch) Kale
  • (1) Lettuce
  • (1) Butternut squash: Butternut
  • (2) Onions
  • (2) Fennel
  • (1) Cabbage

Each box also includes a newsletter with a list of all the vegetables included (with name of the varieties) and a couple recipes.

I really like the quality of the vegetables.  They are very fresh and really forces me to eat more vegetables and to try out new recipes.  I used up most of the vegetables and still have a few to use up before picking up this week’s delivery.  Here are some of the recipes I used to use up the vegetables:

  1. Roasted kale salad with pomegranate vinaigrette
  2. Chili lime chicken (substitute chili powder with Thai chili peppers) with lettuce (1/2 lettuce) and sweet pepper (1)
  3. Lettuce (1/2 lettuce) salad with pomegranate vinaigrette
  4. Baked rosemary beet chips
  5. Braised fennel with diced vegetables
  6. Kalua pork with cabbage (1/2 cabbage)
  7. Coconut butternut squash soup
  8. Shchi soup (1/2 cabbage)
  9. Stuffed bell peppers with fish paste (4)

I’ve made dishes (1) – (5) with (6) in the slow cooking right now, and will be making (7) – (9) in the next few days.  Overall I really enjoy my first box of vegetables and looking forward to receiving my second box.

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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