Date Night: Dinner + Show

Ever since the 2013-14 Broadway season was over (Steve and I watched the last show Pippin awhile back, see my post here), we had not been to any performances.  I stopped checking out new shows because I am exhausted by the evening, and going to a show means I have to arrange for babysitter (i.e., my parents), which is not always convenient.  However, this past weekend Steve surprised me on my birthday with a dinner and musical in the city, and even arranged to have my parents come over to babysit our son.

Dinner @ Pinecrest Diner

I initially picked Chabaa Thai Cuisine because it’s near the theater, has good Yelp review and is not pricey.  But when we arrived at the restaurant at 7pm, there was a line out the door, and we realized we would probably be late for the show.  So we went to Pinecrest Diner across the street instead.  I ordered a Pasta Bolognese made with Niman Ranch beef, while Steve ordered the Pinecrest Omelette.  I was presently surprised with the dishes!

Pinecrest Diner Pinecrest Diner

Show @ Shelton Theater

We watched Foodies! The Musical, a local production performed by four actors/singers and ran about 1 hour 15 minutes.  Shelton Theater is a small theater with two stages.  The downstairs stage where Foodies! was showing has about 60 seats, so it’s a very imitate performance and you get to see the performers up close.  The musical is comprised of 22 songs, each song depicts a funny yet very real scene related to foods.  There were a couple songs where Steve and I were laughing so hard!

I really enjoyed the show, although I went to the show expecting it to be a complete story.  Nonetheless, the songs were hilarious and very enjoyable so I was not disappointed at all!

Foodies! The Musical

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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