Bringing a Baby to AT&T Park

AT&T Park

Last week Steve and I took our baby to the AT&T Park for his first baseball game.  Go Giants!  I wasn’t looking forward to bringing a 5-month-old to a baseball game as I wasn’t sure how baby-friendly the park is.  I did some research beforehand to make sure there are basic amenities to accommodate our needs.  Below is a summary for those of you who are interested in bringing a small baby to the AT&T Park.

Stroller Parking

There are 2 locations for free stroller parking:

(1)  Guest Services Office at Section 119 on the Promenade Level

AT&T Park

(2)  Fan Lot counter under the Giant Baseball Glove

AT&T Park

Nursing Room

It’s more of a staff changing room than a nursing room, located at the Guest Services desk on the Virgin America Club Level [Update – it’s now called the Alaska Airlines Club Lever].  Even if you don’t have a club level ticket, just let the security personnel at the door know that you’re there to use the nursing room and they will let you through.  There are only 2 rooms available.

AT&T Park

First Game Certificate

We got a first game certificate for our baby at the Guest Services Office at Section 119 on the Promenade Level.  The certificate includes date, teams playing, and your name.

Kids Run the Bases

Every Sunday after the day game, children age 14 and under can run the bases and receive a See’s Candies lollipop upon exiting the ballpark.

Fan Lot

Located right where the 2nd stroller parking is at the Promenade Level, the Fan Lot is for children age 14 and under.  Kids can slide down the giant Coca-Cola bottle and run the bases at the Little Giants Park (i.e., a miniature baseball field).

It’s a nice effort by AT&T Park to be mindful of young babies and nursing moms, but this is definitely not a very baby-friendly place for pre-walkers and nursing moms.  Also, a lot of the staffs look like they are volunteers and have no idea where the 2nd stroller parking is or where the nursing rooms are.  You will need to ask the actual staffs for assistance.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

Photos taken by Vean Chen


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