Date Night: Dinner + Show

Golden Gate Theater

I love Broadway shows.  I always have the intention to go to a show when I see a good one, but most of the times just don’t get to go for some reasons (most likely because the tickets are so expensive!).  So when the 2014 season tickets came out, I bite the bullet and purchased it.  Fast forward, the season came to an end with our last show, Pippin, this past week.  Since my parents was babysitting, Steve and I made it a date night with dinner and show.

Dinner @ Tu Lan

Before the show, we grabbed a quick dinner at Tu Lan.  It’s our first time there, and it must be the cheapest place to get a decent meal in the city.  I’ve been to a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, and Tu Lan serves pretty good foods for the price it charges.  The ingredients were fresh and the portions were generous.

Now for a brief history of the restaurant.  Tu Lan has been in business at its current location since 1977.  In July 2012, Tu Lan was closed down by the health department for major health violations.  After a year of renovation, it reopened in August 2013 with new exterior and a new stainless steel bar.

Don’t expect an upscale restaurant atmosphere, but do expect that the foods will be tasty because even Julia Child recommended this place!

Tu Lan Tu Lan Tu Lan

Show @ Golden Gate Theater

This is the story of a young prince named Pippin, son of King Charles, who just returned home after graduating from school, and was looking to do something fulfilling for his life.  The Leading Player narrated the story and guided Pippin through all his life adventures as he searched for the meaning of his life.  Through the Leading Player’s manipulation, Pippin killed his father, believing he is a tyranny, and took the throne.  However, Pippin soon realized his mistake and asked the Leading Player to bring the king back to life to take back the throne.  Pippin went away and met Catherine, whom he fell in love with.  At the end, he had to decide whether he would settle down with Catherine to an ordinary life, or leave and continue searching for the meaning of his life.

Pippin looks like a Cirque du Soleil show with circus performance choreographed by circus director Gypsy Snider, a San Francisco native and owner of Les 7 Doigts de la Main.  She created a fantasy world with that interweaves with reality, using magic and acrobatic performances to depict war and sex scenes.

I love the show and highly recommend it.  And what a great show to close the 2014 season with!

Golden Gate Theater Pippin

To learn more about the show visit the Broadway show website.

Photos taken by Vean Chen and Steve Chou


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